Prevention Work with Boys

RAPCAN’s works towards the prevention and management of child offending, with a specific interest in serious, violent and sexual offending. We work specifically on promoting the prevention of gender-based violence, and violence more generally through working preventively with young boys. The documents contained in this section relate to RAPCAN’s work in this area.

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Title Date Category
Crime Prevention Interventions with Boys: A Review of Programmes and Exploring What Works in the South African Context (PDF) 2008 Seminar
Author: Moefeeda Salie-Kagee
Filename: Seminar Report April 2008.pdf  [File Size: 120.79 KB] (Click to download)
Working with Boys on Crime Prevention: Evidence-based Research (PDF) 2007 Article
Author: Lilian Hu, Moefeeda Salie-Kagee
Filename: Working_with_boys_on_crime_prevention1.pdf  [File Size: 131.24 KB] (Click to download)
Assessing Current Approaches to the Construction of Masculinities: A Focus on Crime & Violence Prevention with Reference to Work with Boys (PDF) 2009 Seminar
Filename: RAPCAN_Seminar_Report_Dec2009.pdf  [File Size: 124.89 KB] (Click to download)