RAPCAN works towards effective strategies for preventing and responding to all forms of abuse and neglect of children.

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Title Date Category
Quality Services Guaranteed? A Review of Victim Policy in South Africa (PDF) 2007 Book
Description: This book was originally published in the ISS Monograph Series No 137, July 2007.
Author: Cheryl Frank
Publisher: Institute for Security Studies
Filename: ISS Monograph 137 Frank.pdf  [File Size: 386.11 KB] (Click to download)
Children's Act, [No. 38 of 2005] (PDF) 2009 Legislation
Filename: childrensact382005.pdf  [File Size: 2.59 MB] (Click to download)
Children's Amendment Act, [No. 41 of 2007] (PDF) 2009 Legislation
Filename: Childrens Amendment Act41-07.pdf  [File Size: 1.95 MB] (Click to download)
Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment Act, [No. 32 of 2007] (PDF) 2009 Legislation
Filename: Sex Offences Act 32 2007.pdf  [File Size: 600.24 KB] (Click to download)
Raising the Bar: A Review of the Restructuring of the SAPS Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Units (PDF) 2009 Book

In 2006, the South African Police Service began implementing a plan to devolve the services provided by the FCS (Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences) Units from area level to station level. This development was met with opposition from civil society organisation that voiced fears that this would result in the weakening of the services provided by these Units. RAPCAN sought to test this view, and in July 2007, RAPCAN began a research project to assess how the restructuring had impacted on access to and the quality of services provided by the FCS Units.

The research project gathered data from each province using workshops in each province. Workshops were attended by FCS detectives, other government service providers (such as the National Prosecuting Authority and representatives from provincial Departments of Health and Social Development) as well as a range of non-governmental organisations. The research project also included an analysis of international trends relating to the investigation of the crimes covered by the mandate of the FCS Units.

Executive Summary of Raising the Bar (PDF)

Filename: FCS_report_text_web1.pdf  [File Size: 1.13 MB] (Click to download)