Children and Gangs

RAPCAN’s works towards the prevention and management of child offending, with a specific interest in serious, violent and sexual offending. This section includes documents relating to RAPCAN’s work aimed at reducing children’s involvement in gangs.

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Title Date Category
Children and Gangs Project; COAV Cities Cape Town: Children in Organised Armed Violence (PDF) 2007 Press release
Author: Samantha Waterhouse
Filename: Press Briefing COAV 13 dec-1.pdf  [File Size: 393.53 KB] (Click to download)
Policy Paper Series, COAV Cities Cape Town: Recommendations for Key Departments in the Western Cape (PDF) 2007 Document
Author: S Waterhouse, C Frank and B Kelly
Filename: COAV paper Cape Town Final Draft-1.pdf  [File Size: 741.03 KB] (Click to download)