RAPCAN undertakes research activities aimed at supporting its advocacy and programme work. We also undertake research on contract to government departments and other organisations.

Programme Activities

Hidden Violence - Preventing and responding to sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of adolescent boys

This research that RAPCAN was involved with as the South African partner on the sexual exploitation of boys by Promundo presents the results of the research from the combined country partner projects. It includes recommendations for future action.

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Domestic violence study: Service responses to co-victimisation of mother and child

RAPCAN released in 2011 the domestic violence study "Service responses to co-victimisation of mother and child: Missed opportunities in the prevention of domestic violence: Experiences from South Africa".

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Restructuring of South African Police Service (SAPS) Family Violence, Child Abuse and Sexual Offence Units

RAPCAN undertook a research project to assess the impact of the SAPS restructuring of the FCS Units on access to and quality of FCS services.

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Children being used by Adults to Commit Crime (CUBAC)

RAPCAN undertook child consultation research for the International Labour Organisation on the issue of children being used by adults to commit crime.

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Children's Involvement in Gangs

RAPCAN co-ordinates part of an international project aimed at addressing children's involvement in gangs.

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Victim Policy in South Africa

RAPCAN undertook research into South Africa's policy provisions for the victims of crime.

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