RAPCAN’s Advocacy Programme is focused on promoting and entrenching the rights and protection of children in South Africa. To achieve this, the programme focuses on the reform of law and policy, and the implementation of law and policy relating to child rights and child protection. The Advocacy Programme operates at international, regional, national and provincial levels.

Current activities include:

  • focused activities to promote a legislative ban on the use of corporal and humiliating punishment against children
  • activities aimed at strengthening policy and practice relating to the management of child victims of sexual offences
  • advocacy aimed at ensuring that the Child Justice Bill promotes crime prevention and appropriate management of child sexual offending

Programme Activities

Engagement with the Media

The victimisation of children continues to be seen as a key issue in the public arena through the mass media. In addition the issue of children as perpetrators of crime also receives attention. RAPCAN engages with the mass media both proactively through releasing press releases and contacting key journalists and reactively by responding to requests for comment by journalists.

Legislative Reform

RAPCAN participates in legislative reform activities aimed at ensuring that legislation is consonant with South Africa's Constitution and international obligations in promoting the realisation of children's rights. The Children's Act and Amendment Bill, the Sexual Offences Act and the Child Justice Bill are been the focus of our interest over the past few years.

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Policy Reform

RAPCAN undertakes work aimed at ensuring that the policies and practices of government and other services providers recognise and promote the rights and protection of children.