Hshare Cryptocurrency Trading – Is it Worth it ?

Contrary to many opinions, Bitcoin is not the sole cryptocurrency in circulation (even though it is the most famous apart from Ethereum). Various currencies are increasing in popularity, such as Hshare (HSR).

What is Hshare?

This is a pre-launch token (value token). It has a currency, Hcash, which is among the new cryptocurrencies (relying on decentralized cryptography for management and distribution, instead of central financial institutions) that enable value exchanges among blockchains and blockless currencies.


It also supports DAO governance, privatized transactions and quantum resistance.


Why is Hshare different?

Many companies are adapting blockchain technology to reduce costs as well as increasing efficiency in their operations. This is because blockchain application is varied. The drawback is that not many blockchains are suitable in smart contracts or micropayment situations, and this brings bout blockless blockchains, for instance IOTA’s Tangle.

Hshare however, changed this landscape, because it caters to transfer of value and information between both sides of the divide – the blockless-based and the block-based blockchains.

It acts as a token for the distribution of Hcash along ICOs, and it initiates the information and value exchange across blockchains. Apart from this, it gives its users the opportunity to participate in protocol upgrades and decision making, thanks to its POS mining system. Keep in mind that the level of participation does not depend on the amounts of Hcash that a holder has.

Users can also utilize their own wallets or client panels to transfer finds from public and private addresses, and transfer limited block sizes for an unlimited number of times regardless of transfer speeds or amounts of coins transferred.


Alternative coins to use

Hshare has the potential for increasing popularity with time. However, other coins provide viable alternatives, and we have put a list of some of them.

  • Lisk – founded in 2016, it aims to simplify development of blockchain technology, therefore allowing for faster transactions.

  • Bitcoin/XBT – the most famous cryptocurrency, from 2009. It is similar to Hshare because of blockchain application system.

  • Ripple/XRP – based on open-source internet protocol currency, and formed in 2012.

  • Cardano – thought to be an open-source digital currency, and constantly evolves itself from research and scientific philosophies.

  • Ethereum/ETH – this is a 2015 decentralized software platform allowing smart contracts to operate without interference from third parties.

  • NEM – this is another blockchain currency from 2015, and utilizes Java script in its coding.


How Hshare works

Since Hshare is a new cryptocurrency on the scene, there has been some controversy, which has left many sceptical of its benefits and use. Despite this, it has grown exponentially within the short time of existence, and pioneered some ideas that have the potential to change cryptocurrency.

There are two address types – black (anonymous addresses) and white addresses, which the cryptocurrency allows easy transfer between the two. Encryption technology protects each of these addresses to ensure user trust and safety.

Some of the other reasons to invest in it are:

  • Quantum resistance – this means that it is safe from future threats that may originate from quantum computing. The mining of the main blockchains is something that has begun from January 2018, and this is the point where Hcash cryptocurrency replaced Hshare tokens. The result is that it will perform the functions of a digital currency and be vital in information exchanges.

  • Hybrid nature – the consensus algorithm of Hshare allows it to take the best technology from other sources and improve its weaknesses. In fact, it uses an integrated method of both proof-of-work and proof-of-stake procedures.

  • Privacy – the platform uses zero-knowledge proof technology to enhance user privacy. This means that users can reveal certain details about their transactions, which verifiers will use to confirm transactions without knowing the identity.

  • Bi-direction – this aspect allows this coin to transfer data between different blockchain types, resulting in a universal system that interacts freely with other currencies.

Hshare prices and trading history

Since the platform is recent, it does not have an extensive trade history – but so far, the indications have been positive in terms of the security it gives its users. Certain exchange providers handle the currency – for instance, TradeSatoshi, AllCoin, ACX, Binance, and Nerarex.

It currently has a market cap of of more than $300 million, which is a sharp increase from when it first opened (it initially had a market cap of $1 billion).

Is it worth trading in it?

This answer to this question is complicated, since even experts generally see investing in cryptocurrency as a risky venture with low returns.

The success of investment will however, depend on the uptake by individuals and businesses. This platform offers you a wide range of benefits, so we consider it a wise investment to make, provided you conduct your research properly.



Hshare gives its users a better future, particularly concerning interconnection of blockchains and easier value transfer. This gives it high potential because it allows anyone to thrive, but the success it will achieve will boil down to implementation.

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