About Us

RAPCAN (Resources Aimed at the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect) is a registered section 21 Company, non-profit organisation and public benefit organisation based in Cape Town. RAPCAN’s work is focused on the prevention of child victimisation and offending and the promotion of children’s rights, and we operate locally, at provincial and national levels in South Africa, as well as in the region and internationally. RAPCAN’s work includes primary, secondary and tertiary prevention approaches to the following issues within the children’s rights arena:

  • Child sexual abuse
  • Corporal and humiliating punishment
  • Child offending, especially sexual and violent offending

RAPCAN’s Approach to Social Change for Children

RAPCAN is of the view that bringing about positive social change for the benefit of children is only possible through simultaneous intervention at three different levels.

RAPCAN undertakes direct services to children and families, aimed at promoting the rights and protection of children. These direct services inform our training activities and the resources that we develop and disseminate. Resource development and training activities are aimed at improving the quality of services delivered by other organisations and institutions. Direct services, training and resource development all inform RAPCAN’s efforts to improve policy and legislation that relates to children and families.

RAPCAN’s Registration

  • Section 21 Company in terms of the Companies Act Registration Number: 97/216/87/08.
  • Non-profit Organisation in terms of the Non-Profit Organisations Act Registration number: 010-744
  • Public Benefit Organisation in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act Registration number: 18/11/13/2208